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  • Happy Late New Year

    This my first time making a gif.  

  • Planned Server Maintenance

    This weekend I will be shutting down my server for maintenance. This means Plex, Both Farm Simulator Servers and other services I’m hosting will be offline. I will see about adding missing media back to Plex as well as other services back to my server. Downtime is unknown. I will look into beefing up hardware…

  • Network Rework and future goals

    First things first. I need to rethink how I want my network done. Currently I have a large server (4U) in my room with 12 hotswap drive trays of which 8 3tb drives of various stats in 4 raid 1s and 4 other smaller drives. The use of this was for plex media server then…

  • Comcast, Comcast

    Its like 6 times in the last 2 months I have had outages in my home area. What Gives? Your going to make me close my account if you don’t get your crap together.

  • New Desk

    I had went ahead and got a new desk for my room as my last desk. Was taking up to much space. It had taken me an hour to put it together. I went for the Fredde computer work station from ikea. The desk came in 2 boxes, I also went ahead and purchase Philip’s…

  • I forgot about this site

    I been busy, Working on a lot of other things as of late. I will start posting here soon once I get a few things under control.

  • Server reconfiguration

    If anyones having a hard time connecting to my server for any reason, I’m sorry but there is a few bugs in the hardware that I need to get out of the way. The following Services will probably be down or was already down: Plex Farm Simulator 17 Raceroom Webserver for my .net site. I’m…

  • My upload Speed

    I will be pausing all traffic from my home while i’m streaming. It has come to my attention that my streams are getting slow for my viewers. And I found out that my Plex server and other server where the cost of my slow and shudder upload to YouTube and twitch. SO between the hours…

  • Restoring Plex

    I’m in the process of restoring PLEX and I just notice that I have to fix the file names as I did not do a full current backup of all my files. So theirs that. So as of now Half the Movies and TV Shows should be restore by 12 Noon on 11/3. The other…

  • Plex Maintenance

    I will be bringing down my server for reconfiguration. Down time estimate is unknown.

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