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  • Restoring Plex

    I’m in the process of restoring PLEX and I just notice that I have to fix the file names as I did not do a full current backup of all my files. So theirs that. So as of now Half the Movies and TV Shows should be restore by 12 Noon on 11/3. The other…

  • Plex Maintenance

    I will be bringing down my server for reconfiguration. Down time estimate is unknown.

  • Media Folders in Plex

    This was supposed to have been posted earlier but I made my site crash and had to restore it. I’m going to merge all the TV shows and movies to 2 folders. TV Shows and Movies. Basically all the anime will be in the same location as network TV shows. and movies will have anime…

  • Well This is Embarrassing

    I was going to post a blog regarding my plex server and I decided to do the wordpress upgrade. I did back up my database. But, I forgot to back up my files on the site. So my site has been down much of the afternoon. I’m use a version of my last complete backup…

  • No more upgrades

    Okay, I’m starting to fall behind on bills. Cable ($165) and FPL ($563 half of it was last months). With all the crap I got so far, Network Rack ($215.99), Network Switch ($168.00), Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB M.2 SSD ($81.11), Raid Card ($143), 1U Rack Mount Shelf ($79), PAPAGO GS200 Dash Cam ($99), Cable Modem ($150),…

  • Finish the Rack and mounting everything

    I finish. Everything mounted. Still needs more work but that’s for another time. That Dell Optiplex will be removed at a later date. I’m still moving the information from the Dell to the 4U below. The 2U is currently off for the time being. I need rack sliding rails. So I can continue adding hardware…

  • Rack in

    Just got my rack today. Now I have to spend all evening playing with it.

  • SSD came in

    In case anyone notices. There will probably be 2 servers in plex. Disregard the 2nd one. I’m going to mirror the current server to the new server. But hard drives will become a problem.

  • Rack incoming

    Well I got the network rack. It was $215.99. Problem. I wanted 6 month Special Financing. So I had to get up to $249. So I added $33.15 more of what I do not need to get to $249. But still I got my rack. Now to order me some rails.

  • Plex Hardware Upgrades again

    Back on 2/25/16 I got 3 items. Technically its 5 items. A Rosewill RSV-L4500 4U Rackmount Server Chassis, 3 Rosewill RSV-SATA-Cage, and Corsair CX750M 750W ATX Power Supply. I was planning  on using a old motherboard and CPU I already have. But, the CPU cooler that I can not remove for another was to tall. If you…

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