Server reconfiguration

If anyones having a hard time connecting to my server for any reason, I’m sorry but there is a few bugs in the hardware that I need to get out of the way. The following Services will probably be down or was already down:

Farm Simulator 17
Webserver for my .net site.

I’m in the process of getting more storage for media. So I will break the Plex server. You may have notice that some shows are not playing as its not available. I have a copy of the files backup. But the restore process is taking to long so I will stall the restore process for now.

My Farm Server has some weird lag issue that I’m hoping is just the hard drives not keeping up with all the other servers running off the same disk. So I will take it down for now til I find a solution for that.

Raceroom was already down.

My web server at home is not being use for much so it will also be down till further notice.

I’m mostly running everything from 1 machine and I have to come up with a solutions on resizing it.






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