Planned Server Maintenance

This weekend I will be shutting down my server for maintenance. This means Plex, Both Farm Simulator Servers and other services I’m hosting will be offline. I will see about adding missing media back to Plex as well as other services back to my server. Downtime is unknown.

I will look into beefing up hardware if I have the funds. (Probably not)

Goals are:

  • Upgrading Hard Drives from 3TB to 6TB. Each 6TB is rounded to $200 a piece. Probably getting 8 which is $1,600 total, which will take over 6 months to get all 8. For a grand total of 48 TBs.
  • Replacing Motherboard/CPU/RAM with a server class motherboard with dual sockets 8 core 16 threads and 64GB of Ram. Looking to spend $600 max.

With those in mind It will take awhile. Donations help a little.

I have other Goals that will take time too but has nothing to do with my server.


Again Server Maintenance This Weekend.






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