Network Rework and future goals

First things first. I need to rethink how I want my network done.

Currently I have a large server (4U) in my room with 12 hotswap drive trays of which 8 3tb drives of various stats in 4 raid 1s and 4 other smaller drives. The use of this was for plex media server then I added other server (virtual servers) with in it so its multi purposes.

I currently have a few game servers running not 24/7 but running none the less.

And Plex running 24/7. What I would like to do is make this footprint smaller.

I have a few ideas but they are not cheap. In total I have about 25TB give or take and its half that as I’m using raid 1. At present 10TB are $300 and up and below $300 if on sale. So I can save and get say for 4 10tb drives I can have fewer drives in my computer and have my all my media available to everyone without worrying about space for the next couple of years. So I’m thinking of just getting a prebuilt computer or server that is smaller then what I have and can hold 4 to 6 drives. And run all the services I need.

I would like to add a new firewall to handle traffic so I wont be ddos by someone looking to take down an else target. So that comes to another machine with a small footprint so I can better handle a**holes who wants to mess with me. Spec wise still thinking about it.

My other goal is to finish or get a decent simulator rig going so I can play driving games more comfortable then just sitting in front of a desk. This of course will cost me in the long run. I already have another computer I can use but it will need hard drives and a beefy video card.

I dont know which one I should do first. Sigh!!!






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