My PLEX Server

Its getting really annoying for people to contact me about my server. Heck maybe a lot of server owners that run a plex media server gets these random users asking about there server not working. So let me set some ground rules.

1. I provide a service for free. You can donate to help maintain it. I run plex on a computer in my home.

2. If by change my server is not available to you ie. Offline or unavailable. That can be either power or internet related.

3. There are cases I will have to stop the server for either maintenance on the computer or I’m at 90 percent of my internet bandwidth.

So with those 3 points. Do not contact me about plex not working.

The next time someone contacts me about my server I will remove you from it permanently. The only ones who can ask me about the server or ask me get a show or movie are those who donated to me. ONLY.






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