No more upgrades

Okay, I’m starting to fall behind on bills. Cable ($165) and FPL ($563 half of it was last months). With all the crap I got so far, Network Rack ($215.99), Network Switch ($168.00), Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB M.2 SSD ($81.11), Raid Card ($143), 1U Rack Mount Shelf ($79), PAPAGO GS200 Dash Cam ($99), Cable Modem ($150), and some sliding rails ($41.98). Thats $978+ I spend so far in the last 3 weeks.

So with that said MY cable bill will now be at $100 with no unlimited data. I already paid $165. I have to shift some card payments (7) and knock all my balances down to 30% of there limits. Not going to be easy for 1 card because I pay most of my bills with this card.

What I’m looking to do is get into 4k by 2017. SO all the content I currently have will stay the way they are. Also I will start buying my media from some random stores if there on sell. So expect to see some shows in multiple languages and subtitles. I’m referring to Anime content. Some people want to watch dubs over subs. So sorry but you don’t get to request without putting something down. Nothings free.

To round out this entry, I will have to cut back on the fun and games and get back on track. This is life without a girlfriend lol.


P.S. Plex will be off late Tuesday and all day Wednesday. Don’t bitch to me about its not working.






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