Plex Hardware Upgrades again

Back on 2/25/16 I got 3 items.

phase 1

Technically its 5 items. A Rosewill RSV-L4500 4U Rackmount Server Chassis, 3 Rosewill RSV-SATA-Cage, and Corsair CX750M 750W ATX Power Supply. I was planning  on using a old motherboard and CPU I already have. But, the CPU cooler that I can not remove for another was to tall.


If you can see the cooler from that angle. Since that is aftermarket CPU cooler I remove the normal bracket that is normally on AMD motherboards. SO, I today 3/26/16 I got a new motherboard and CPU.


And yes, A FUCKING MONTH LATER LOL. A Intel i7-4790 and a ASUS H97 Plus. Its almost ready. Minus some power cables I need.


Now to move Harddrives. Still HAVE to get a SSD for the OS or get a M.2 SSD since the motherboard supports it. Now why I did not just put this in my main computer instead? Because I don’t feel like redoing the system. It’s more work then you think.

So this project is almost complete. Just have to work on storage. When I do get the SSD, Plex will go into downtime til I bring it back up again. The process will have lot of work to do, me having to remove all dell software and drivers and installing all ASUS motherboard drivers. I will say about 3-4 hours downtime tops. I will alert those who pay that I will bring it down for maintenance.

On another note I’m still looking for a 12-18U Network Rack. To rack all my stuff inside. I had 2 network racks in the past. But hard times happen and I just have to let them go to make ends meet. Hopefully I do not have to do this again for the 3rd time. So far everything’s going to plan even though I had to delay any progress due to outside sources. (Women)

Well I rumble long enough and I will end it here. Until my next update.





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