I need to post more here then facebook or Twitter (X)

Haven’t posted here in over a year. Have to fix that. Since my last post a matter of things happen to me and I fell behind on a lot of things. I did do some updates to my computer as I was out of commission at work and funds was low. I upgraded 1 Hard drive in my network storage. I did upgrade my Video Card on my main computer.

I’m in the process of running electrical wires for my outside lights so they are in pvc pipes and not exposed to outside damage. Will do the same for network cables for my cameras soon. I’m taking down all the coax that is not being use from comcast and dish company’s because they are in the way. I’m only doing this because I have to start working on my roof and replacing the wood so all the cables need to be taking down or moved.

I want to get a moped style ebike. That is the sum of $2000+. Work in progress.

Back to computers, I want to try putting my main computer in a rackmount chassis. I know, Why? I don’t know myself. But I still need to replace that dell poweredge that I’m using for my firewall as its loud and I want to make my room more quiet. Still looking into it.






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