Computer Upgrade Time

My Network needs a upgrade. And I need a new gaming computer.

My main computer is now 6 years old. So I need a new Motherboard, CPU, RAM and GPU. I probably can get away with the storage that I have and power supply. My Budget is $1,500 but can be brought down if supply and demand is down on the parts I need.

My Servers: I would post a picture of my rack but it’s a mess right now.

For one my firewall needs to be rebuilt in a 2U with front facing IO. The Dell Poweredge R210 II is doing find but the noise is bothering me sometimes and when the power goes out it’s hard to get it back up and running again. I have a case in mind.

It will need a Motherboard, CPU, RAM and Power Supply. I can probably use the storage from the Dell server. Target Budget is $500 and The case along cost $180. So only $320 is left. I may be able to get parts elsewhere. The firewall isn’t really demanding on resources.

NVR (2u), This server has been running for a while now using a Ryzen 3 3200G with 16GBs of ram and 1TB and 4TB HDDS. I would like to replace the 1TB drive with a SSD for faster boot time. But it’s plenty fast for now. I replace the software from Ispy Agent DVR to Blue Iris. I did this because I hate paying for remote access to my cameras. With Blue Iris I only need to pay once and only pay to have continue access to updates. I really don’t need to update this server at this moment.

Virtue Machine Hell that is my HV server (2u). Running 4 VMs at this time. It has a Ryzen 5 2600X CPU, 32GB of RAM, 1x 120GB SSD, 500GB SSD and 2x 2TB HDDs. I would like to upgrade to have more cores and Ram and that’s about it for this server. I can only run 4 VMs because I gave each 8GBs of ram. If I can have 64GBs of system ram I can run 8 VMs. But, then I need more cores. This server runs a Game Server (Farming Simulator 22), Plex Server, A backup software server And I’m not saying Server. Plex is the Main VM that I need to keep up for my entertainment But It does bottlenecks when there is more than 1 stream active remotely (off site).

Media Central, aka File Server (4u). This is my Unraid Server. The only thing this server needs is probably more storage. Even though it has 5TB free lol. Total storage is 26TB. This server was originally my Main server until I decided to do another Network Rack and break off the other programs to their respectful server boxes. Currently has a Core i7 4790 CPU, 16GB of RAM, 7x 3TB HDDs of different brands, 5TB , 6TB, 10TB and 2x 512GB SSDs. Not going to count the small boot drive.

Each Server I would put $500 budget for each that’s $2,000 altogether. With that said IF nothing needs changing I can move the extra cost to another system OR just upgrade the network stack I have. I would like to move to 10GB networking. With that speed, the transfer speed between the HV server and Unraid server would be faster to stream content out to everyone on plex. Looking for 8 port switch that can be rack mounted So far I see the prices dropping but I’m not ready for it yet.

Another Emergency upgrade is I need another Battery backup or replace the batteries in the backup I already have, because 3 of my servers are on it and it turns off every time the power dims outside. That cost around $200 give or take on brand. Has to be 1500va. Main PC needs one as well. I want the battery backups to be rack mounted so it’s off the floor. I left 5Us space on the bottom of the rack just for it. But they cost 2x the amount then the towers you can buy out of the store. And I need 2 of them.

2 of the 6 could have been done with my income tax but I have other problems.






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