A few changes

I went ahead and got a few things change on my bikes.

Al Comp now has a new tire in the front called Sunlite Revolutions if that is the name of the tire. They are 26 x 2.5 tires. A new rim is on the way as well.

Glenwood had its controller mounted on the outside of the bag. So I need to buy a cover for the wires. I need to get rid of those anderson connectors from the battery base plate to xt60’s.

Maybe something like this.

Blackie has new wheels. They are 26 x 3 Beach Bums tires from 26 x 4 knobbies. Inner tubes are still 26×4. But it works who cares. I may swap the seat back to a regular bike seat to make cops stop double looks lol. Still need a 72v battery and new controller.

I may just go and drop off at warehouse and tell them to work on it sometime this year.

Here’s my problem with the above bikes. They are all slick tires. Meaning they are not great for wet pavement. Nor off roading.

So I’m looking at the Axum which has been sitting there in storage for 3 months now. I did ride it to work once.

Should I go mid-drive or should I go hub. That is the simple question at the end of the day. I can get a motor wheel for $270 or a whole kit for $480 from Ebikeling. I already have a controller that I can take from Blackie. But can not use the wheel as its for a fat bike frame. Mid-drives on the other hand are above the $700 mark and I really don’t want to spend that much on it. I’m Looking at getting bigger batteries for more run time but I most use what I got at the moment. I can probably fit a 30ah battery in this frame but I lose the ability to swap out the battery when its drain. IF I do get a hub motor for this bike I will also replace the brakes with hydraulic brakes with the kill switch. So much to do with this bike.






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