New Year (2023) Still Broke.

Schwalbe Big Apple (28×2.15) tires are fast.

I normally be just about 28 mph but now I am reaching upwards of 35 mph. This is a 1200w 30a motor kit from ebikeling with a 52v 13ah 30a Battery. I wonder if I can go faster with a 40a bms. I am looking into a few things as of now regarding what bikes to keep and what bikes to sell.

Currently have 4 bikes. 3 Schwinn’s and 1 Stealth Bomber Clone. Specs for each.

Glenwood – Picture above
28×2.15 tires with 1200w Ebikeling hub motor
2x 52v 13ah Battery – The second battery is not mounted in the picture but you will see a black/red wire with a yellow tab hanging off the back.

Axum – Nothing Done to it yet.

29×2.6 tires with wide tires

Al Comp

27.5×2.4 tire in the front and 1200w hub motor 26×2.5 tire in the back. I’m looking to change that back tire to a 27.5 as well. Can’t be carrying 2 different inner tubes for this bike.
52v 13ah Battery


26×4 tires with 1500w hub motor
52v 20ah triangle Battery
Not Picture – I did swap that rear shock and change the chainring to a larger chainring.
Waiting for some new tires to replace these and will post a new picture later. Those knobby tires are annoying when riding lol.

I still have a spare 1200w (26″ with 2.3 tires) motor not on a bike yet. Thinking of taking that motor and swapping it to a 29″ rim for the Axum maybe. Just have to find a 36H rim that is 30mm wide.






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