Understanding “my” bike range.

I’m trying to understand how to justify getting a larger aH battery for my bike and future bike.

I read over “google search results” That If I calculate 52v x 13ah = 676wh divide by 1000w gives me 0.676. Then times that by how fast I want to go. Say 30 mph. 0.676 x 30 = 20.28 range. Now there are other variables that Will reduce that range down a few.

From my house I rode 9 miles to W Hotel on Miami Beach. Give or take the speed was about 25 mph and maxing out at around 30-31 mph. My battery (hard to tell) was a little over half depleted. I needed to ride back home so Instead of just doing so, I found a place to charge for an hour to get like 20 percent back on the battery. Charger was a 2amp which is slow.

Now If I did this math with a limit of 500w. I did have a 500w motor at first but upgrade to 1000w.
52v x 13ah / 500w x 20 (20 because that’s the max a 500w can do) = 27.04 mile range.

Ideally, I can deal with 20 miles per hour rides if I’m with groups. But if the rain comes, I will go full speed to get to shelter.

I’m not sure of how fast I see people on ebikes are truly going on the beach but if their batteries are 48v or 52v What are there ah and how long do they ride them.

I have a guy who’s building me a second battery so that will double my range and I do not have to worry about running out of power any time soon. I will of course look at faster battery chargers just incase I do the crazy and do over 40 miles away from home I have a way to charge both batteries quickly to get back home. I also carry with me a spare inner tube and a few tools to repair any problems I may run into.

I also have an e scooter.

Which is 36v 7.5ah and that gives me less than 10 miles. But I never ran it dead so who knows. I normally get 1 round trip from work and home with half charge. Which is estimate 2.5 miles. 17–20 miles range only goes for light riders at comfort speeds (13 mph). Who likes to go that slow?






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