I’m not Dead

It’s been a hectic year. Just a random post to say I’m still here.

One of many, I wanted to update the need for Dubs for the Anime in my collection. Dubs are now being done 1 or up to 3 weeks after the Japanese (1hr for subs) release. So, to avoid spoilers because the internet can’t wait a month for everyone to watch a giving series I will only do subs until the Blu-ray release with both Subs and Dubs. The same with live tv series. Of course, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, etc., will be available after aired. I’m going to get to the point where I need to upgrade drives in the near future. Or I can make space by removing “cough” videos.

I hope to get things back in gear this year (2021) by repairing my credit.






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