Computer upgrade schedule

I want to start on a annually schedule where I will upgrade 1 machine on my network.

Current the oldest machine I have is my nvr system. It currently has an i3-3220, 8gbs of DDR3 ram, 120gb SSD boot, and 4TB Western Digital Purple hard drive. Granted the newest parts are the ssd and harddrive so I will keep them.

Just to upgrade this machine is roughly $300. Which is nothing.

So far since my last post I have install 2 new systems. My new ryzen 5 2600x hyper v server in November and my new Dell Power Edge R210 II firewall in January.

My next upgrade won’t happen until later in the year or next year. As I will take my game computer parts and place them in my file server and build or buy whatever is current then.

But as things are as they are currently I have to postponed this project until things get better.






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