Some Network stuff

In the coming days I will be working on my network infrastructure. Apparently, my main router (Netgear
Nighthawk R8500-100NAS) is EoL. So with that I’m going to move the routing features over to a new
system which will make this unit an access point until I can get Wifi 6 running in the future. I have a lot
of Internet of Things in my home using Philips Hue Smart Bulbs to Samsung SmartThings. My network
backend is using a Netgear 24p Smart Switch and a 10p PoE switch.

My main issue is the wifi. The wifi is split between a newer access point (Nighthawk X6S Tri-Band WiFi
Mesh Extender) that I have on my network. The connected devices are not showing on my main router
which is a concern. I look at some options that would cost me up to $700 but I’m not going that route
just for wifi. It could be that I don’t understand mesh networks.

I will have to merge 2 servers into one as I currently have 2 servers running Windows Server 2019
Datacenter and Windows Hyper V 2019. Being the Hyper V 2019 is using newer hardware. This comes
into play as my new firewall will be on a VM container on the Hyper V server. I also need to Downgrade
from 8 3TB drives to 5 8TB drives as 8TBs should be plenty of storage to last me 5 more years. I will leave
my NVR computer as standalone. So I have some storage requirements to work out before years end.
That’s All for now. Happy Hoidays.






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