Times Up

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If you did not make a payment. You will lose access to my server. To get back on board please pay the minimal of $5.00 to my Paypal account here.

I have a few donors and I appreciate it. Remember when you pay I will get shows that you request. And will continue to make your experience better. This is not a cash grab. To run a server I would have to pay for the internet, power and upkeep of the server. This is not cheap. With your $5.00 it helps keep cost down. Yesterday I stated on social media that there was 4 streams at the same time. That’s awesome in its on way. That’s telling me my server and internet is were it should be.

I carry Movies and TV Shows. Also when you do make a payment please text me at 3057673889, that you did because your Paypal account won’t tell me if you use a different name.

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