Relationships are hard and other notes

So there someone I’m interested in that I know. I want to take it slow as I possibly can but don’t want to take to long to say that I like them. I take advice but their advice doesn’t fit me to well. I started watching anime around 9th Grade and watch many. Take a look at my anime collection. Some of the drama like anime is the approach that I’m trying to take. Which is wrong but I’m like that. Dating is the first thing but the Timing is bad. I work weekdays and they work night times and they have 2 days in the week off where I don’t have much money to go out with. Sooner or later I will make it work. No promises.

On another note I been slacking on updating my site. So I’m in the process of writer a good backup for android phones. Because people don’t know how to backup there pictures and there phone contacts. So be on the lookout for that. And I will be doing game streaming and uploading it to youtube. I just need a good computer. Because I have to much crap on this one and my laptop is getting slow again.

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