Project NAS Finish

I finally finish my NAS. It has set me back about 2 months now. But its finish. I have 12TB of space and 9TB usable. 3 Toshiba 3TB drives and a Western Digital Green 3TB. Now I’m offloading all my files off my desktop on the nas so I can turn off this power hungry machine. I can stream off the NAS without needing to run my desktop all the time. I have a Smart TV that can see the NAS over the network. Even though I use Plex on my TV.

Now I have to work on 2 small form factor machines that I plan on spending up to $400 each on. They will take over the roles of Plex Media Server and DVR for the IP cameras. Not sure what else beside one of them will be a virtual machine running Windows Server Hyper-V as I only use Windows for everything. They have pico power supply’s of 300 watts. Which is better then having 1050 watts that is currently in my gaming computer.

When the virtual machine is build I will start building up my website on it and then have Comcast Business re-install at my home. Little by little I’m getting things done. I’m thinking of doing a seedbox in a VM, again. I have 2 WD Green drives 2tb and 1tb and I don’t know what to do with them anymore.

I may do another nas for backup purposes but that’s going to be another $700 budget that I can not do anytime soon. I have to wait till black friday again.

Be sides the fact that people are calling me to do stuff for them. This is getting old and I’m getting tire of it.


Will update again when I start my next project.

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