Plex work again

Okay, I really need to stop touching what’s not broking. I decide to add my external hard drives (My Books 3 and 4 TBs) and add them as permanent drives to my so call Plex Server (Dell OptiPlex 390). The reason is because the NAS was reading slow or not responding fast enough to content request. So I will be moving files around. By doing this Plex will be down until everything is back to normal. Meaning tv and movie posters will not be correct or not in place for each title. I will correct that as everything is move.

Again this is not completely final. I still plan on moving the software to a permanent rack server with hot swap drives. Which is growing in cost ($397.95+). That does not include hard drives.

I will start adding 1080p content to Plex to test the waters of transcoding.  Later on this year I will look for 4k when I get the computer monitors and tv to view them.

Again for the time being Plex is down for a day at least.


Laters And Happy New Year

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