Plex access for a limited time

I’m going to re-enable plex for everyone for a few days.
I just look at my comcast Usage data usage 2-10-16

In just 10 days I only use 95GBs. This is with a slower connection and no unlimited data looks like. Times 3 and I will be at or close to the BS 300 Data limit. For me to not shell out unnecessary money, Like if I go over that 300GBs I will need to pay $10 per 50GBs more a month on my internet bill. I need kick backs for this services. I been asking for just $5 dollars a month. Just $5. Its $4 cheaper then netflix who is still increasing the prices.


If you start to see buffering when you connect, that’s because my unload speed is at 5mbs and most of the newest tv shows and movies I add are at 1080p. You can downgrade the video quality to try to get it to stream without buffering But, you lose the pure HD content in the process.

I’m willing to go back to the service level I was at if every user who connects please donate $5 a month to It will help me a lot and I can continue to improve my collection and speed of streaming service.

Limit of Time Okay people.


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