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To those who ask, “Do I get the lastest movies and put them on Plex?” The answer is no. And Yes. I do not like to download shitty cam versions of movies. But I wait for the Blurays to come out. Which is like 3 to 6 months after release in theaters.

“Why don’t I burn DVD’s anymore?”
Do you have a Bluray player? The reason why is because The movies I get are in bluray format so they do not fit on a standard dvd. Maybe older movies but still I do not want to buy DVDs to burn on.

“Do you download the latest tv shows that aired?”
No. Only on request for a series. I do download a lot of Anime that is release on a weekly basis if I like the series.
Why Don’t I see it on the shares on your Plex Server?
Ask me about them and I will give you access.

What I do is on the downlow. I do not want to give access to the world. I give access to family and friends. I’m hoping people will pay me $5 for access so it can go into the cost of maintaining the computer running plex and the increase internet cost I have to pay. So far I have 5 other people using the service and and that’s only $25 a month that offsets the internet cost.

Plex is not completely free. I have to pay a yearly fee of $30 to give access to my server over the internet. I’m hoping to create a way to stream using my on software and apps. But that’s for a later time when I hit the cap of how many people I give access to.

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