More Shows and Movies Added

If anyone notices I’m adding more anime and movies as I go. I’m already paying more money for internet (FUCK YOU COMCAST), and so I’m adding a lot more anime. I’m thinking of doing this under a paid wall like crunchyroll but at a cheaper price of course. Because to share this I will need to pay for it. Which is not right. I can always pull the plug and keep all this to myself. But then I will not be a nice person. Anyway some of the anime I added will probably be replaced if the quality of the show sucks. For example Dragonball Z. The naming of the episodes will not match like they should. I can not fix that at this time. I have to rename all 700 episodes for One Piece. I will add a page to my site for request and already requested. Which will be behind a login screen to keep it private. Anyways that’s it for this blog.


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