I’m sooo behind

I have money problems. I stated that I want to do some projects but it cost money. I’m in debt to the point I have to postpone projects. Currently I have a server up and running but I need to configure it to have VMs so I can isolate every service from each other. So I can’t purchase the necessity upgrade hardware til I do. I’m hoping I will be in the clear by September to start some of those projects. I will need to rebuild my network. Stop purchasing old tech and focus on new tech or current tech. My current server is running Plex Media Server, OwnCloud that I just got up and running hoping to get off Dropbox, Utorrent, And maybe restore my web server back at home, again.

– Rebuilt my Firewall and HTPC. I’m currently using Plex on my Roku. But It won’t stream some of my videos correctly and its getting annoying. Plus I do not want to pay a subscription to stream from home.

– Continue my gaming room setup and my network closet. I would need to sell some of my dresser sets after I clear them out. And dispose all of the older computers I still have collecting dust.

So in theory I have some work to do. I’m trying to getting in the habit of writing up to 250 word blog posting just to have content. So I guess I can get into writing reviews of my point of view or writing some lame ass article. Some how I got over 850gbs of bandwidth at home this month . I’m in the process of redownloading alot of games and my sister streams the same damn song over and over again. I will have to teach her to not waste my bandwidth like that. It cost me money in the end. And I type over 250 words already. So with this post I will be busy with cleaning until September. Laters.

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