Gaming / Bedroom Setup in progress


I’m in the process of setting up my room to be a Gaming / Bedroom. I’m plan on have 2 gaming computers in my room 1st 3 27″ monitors and the 2nd 3 23″ or 24″ monitors. Why 2 gaming computers. Simple. If I have friends that I game with wants to come hangout at my house we can play a few games online together. Computers aside  I manage to get the desk I wanted. So now I have to set the room where its easy to move around. At the moment I have a full size bed in my room and I want to change that to a futon. Why because I have a damn Love seat recliner and its taking up to much space in my room. So I will be looking to get that fix sometime in the next few months I plan on only having 1 gaming computer and 3 27″ moniters. Have to change plans a little. At the moment I have bills to catch up on. I got these ceiling lights up.

2014-02-24 18.28.09


Don’t mind the Plug hanging down. It was temporary. Once I get the bed out of my room I will switch around the love seat to where the bed is and move my TV back across the room from the couch.



I have alot of work to do so I will stop here. Thanks for visiting my site.

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