Fell behind financially

Last month I wasted over $1000 on another party that I’m not going to get into. In which I fell behind on my goals and now I have to reorganized my budget so i can be clear before the years out. I still want to run my web server from my home. And I still want to fix up my car. A lot of things I fell to keep up with. I’m completely refocusing on what I need done and care less about what others want. Starting with my way to work. Mondays, Fridays and weekends I will drive my car. Why? Simple, to save money on gas and put that money into savings. With exceptions would be holidays on any of those days in the week. I will try to save money were ever possible. Keeping my mind on my goals will get me were I want to be. I have no time for romance. Lifes to short to not get what you want done. Everything cost money to begin with. I want to get my car loan payed off so I can get another SUV or pickup truck in that current year. Why 2 vehicles. No Idea, I just want both. And to wined down this bad post.

I’m not looking into waste my time and money on someone who will not respect me. This had happen 3 times and I’m to old for this bulls***.

Later Days.

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